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ignitedAGENT Commission Breakdown

Are you ready to be a part of the most lucrative residual based compensation plan in the digital marketing industry?
With three different programs available, it's easy to find the one that suits your needs.

Sales Professional

No setup fee, and no monthly fee, this is our most basic entry level plan. Lacking some digital marketing tools, this plan is perfect for agents just getting started.

How much can you make?

Make 35% commission on every package sold. We continue to pay 35% commission each month the client stays on-board. This creates ample opportunity to build a residual income quickly and efficiently.

Sales Professional Plus

Just $25/month, this is the most popular plan our agents choose. The monthly fee pays for digital marketing tools and fresh content updated weekly. Drive prospects to your custom website and track their progress with an automated sales funnel. Never lose track of a sale again and enjoy the best tools in the industry.

How much can you make?

Make 35% commission on every package sold. We continue to pay 35% commission each month the client stays on-board. Use our tools to quickly grow your portfolio and start earning residual income.

Marketing Director

A $250 setup fee and a monthly fee of $50 gives you the ultimate selling power. This package provides the same tools our clients have access to and more. Build your own team of sales professionals and earn commission from every sale they make.

How much can you make?

Continue making 35% commission on every plan sold.

Marketing Directors also have the opportunity to build their own sales teams and receive override on sales made by each team member. Our override payout structure is similar to real estate and financial services industries. >Marketing Directors can also bring on additional Marketing Directors and receive overrides on their personal sales and sales made by their teams. Earn 5% on all Marketing Director overrides all sales made by the Marketing Director you brought on and their entire team!

How Much Can You Make In Your First Year?

IgnitedLOCAL offers four different product campaigns which you will be selling to your leads.

AdvTrack is the most popular product campaign Agents offer to Clients. It's been our highest seller since 2009. Let's use it as an example to see how much you can be making.

Let's take the initial setup fee for our most popular package - $500 plus $300 per month - into consideration to calculate your payout.

1st Month Commission: $800 X 35% = $280

Monthly Recurring Commission: $300 X 35% = $105

The table below is an example of the amount made by a sales agent who is selling 3 local business owners our AdvTrack each week, for 12 months. We have factored in a 17% fallout of clients starting on the 7th month, in this example.

Year 1 Potential = $115,710 Total Commission

Our Commitment To Our Clients

We are committed to seeing our clients on the front page of local Google search results within 6 months of launching the campaign.

We meet our commitments within the 6 months for 83% of our customers.

99% of the time, our clients will give us 6 months to deliver on our commitments. If we fail to meet our commitments, their billing is paused until we achieve first page placement or a positive return on investment for our clients.

What Does This Mean To You? 99% of the time you are going to receive at least 6 months of residual income from each sale. Anything beyond 6 months is icing on the cake. The more you sell, the more you make - it's really that simple.

Make a Team of Marketing Directors

If any one of your Sales Professionals produce just 12 sales a month for a year, you would receive 10% of the total sales they generated, which is $11,571 of overriding commission.

If you bring on a marketing director and they produce just 12 sales a month for a year. You would receive 5% of the total sales they generated, which is $5,785.50 of overriding commission.

And that's only from the Marketing Director, you also make 5% on their entire team. Add this amount to your own sales and your own team, and the numbers add up quick.

Small Business Owners Everywhere Need This Solution...Be The One To Offer It.

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