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ignitedLOCAL Offers The Most Creative

Digital Marketing Campaign Available

Our Digital Marketing Program Offers You The Benefit Of Real Results

At ignitedLOCAL, we have helped local businesses all around the World to capture real, lasting
results based on best practices in local internet marketing.

We have distilled local SEO down to a science that delivers real ROI for small businesses built around the best local marketing campaign strategies. We want you to be able to start making calls right away. That's why we provide comprehensive training and weekly follow-ups. Small businesses will see immediate results when they launch with ignitedAGENT. Results will continue to build as search engines recognize the local relevance of their business.

What exactly do clients get from ignitedLocal campaigns?

The Best Local SEO Setup for A Buyer's Business

It's important that the fundamentals of SEO are done right in order to drive leads. Many businesses ignore these basic steps and fail to reap the benefits of local traffic.

IgnitedLOCAL customers receive an engaging website with contemporary design and SEO-rich content. Using call-to-action verbiage to drive leads into lifetime customers, ignitedLOCAL is an easy-to-use CMS system with proven results

We understand clients want to get their brand out there - but they don't know how. IgnitedLOCAL uses google analytics and other engagement measurements to put their business at the top of any search directory.

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Excellent Business Site Design

A website design tells people whether or not they can trust a business. With ignitedLOCAL, your site will not only benefit from a brilliant design that people will love, it will also be 100% fully optimized for local search engines and our team will maximize your conversion rate every step of the process.

Enhanced SEO

We go through a multi-step checklist to ensure every page on a business's website is developed to meet the best local SEO standards. Meta data descriptions, page titles, backlinking and links to internal pages, alt tags and other details are thoroughly maximized to improve ranking.

Instant Autoresponders

With our email auto-response software, our clients can immediately respond to online leads and do the important work in building relationships with their customers. Professionally focused messages help ensure users will not defect to the competition.

Engaging, Readable content

Our team of content and media specialists are here to help position a clients' site as an authority through relevant and shareable text. Professional, yet user-centric, content will grab customers' attention and answer questions that will result in quick sales.

Business Blogging

Our websites include blogs to help ensure users stay on the website 30% to 50% longer than they would otherwise. Keyword-rich blogs energize efforts to become an authoritative source.

Eye-Catching Email Marketing

We amplify a businesses' message and improve response rate with email marketing that ensures customer satisfaction. Not only will clients get the best software tools for managing email efforts but ignitedLOCAL will teach them how to get the most from lead-generated emails.

Local Ranking No Matter Where You Are

Local SEO requires a great deal of effort over time. It isn't something that you can do once and then set aside. For many business owners, local SEO can seem complex and difficult, but it is absolutely critical; ensuring your digital marketing efforts are driving motivated leads to your sales funnel.

Search engines work behind the scenes to validate a business's address and other information. If there are any problems with this information, then a potential customer for a business could be getting steered away. With our digital marketing solution, clients' true and correct information is reported to search engines, building trust and establishing domain authority.

Our experts understand all the intricacies of local search, including the most important business directories that a company's site should be included in, and the best ways to build backlinks while maintaining adherence to all search engine rules.

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Local Setup In All The Major Search Engines

We do all the work to make sure our clients are top leaders in all major listings including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Functional and fast, every website is fully-optimized to be verified and recognized by all local search engines now and in the future.

Monthly Local Content Strategy

Our content marketing strategy includes great articles and fresh press releases that will position your business as a major "mover and shaker" in your industry. We not only create compelling content each and every month, but ensure that it is fully optimized to meet your needs.

Directory Listings And Neighborhood Citations

Local directories are where people in your area look to first when they want to find a relevant business. Driving your inclusion in all the top directories is another way to ensure you will get top billing in your local area whenever people engage in local search.

Authoritative Backlinks From Trusted Sites

Backlinks are important in your overall strategy, but it's crucial to realize not all backlinks are created equal. IgnitedLOCAL finds the backlinks with the highest domain authority to link to your site by searching the highest PageRank sites as well as the most popular Wiki sites in your market and beyond.

GEO Targeting Maximizes Visibility In Your Area

Local search engines take time to grow, so we start driving traffic to a buyer's business immediately using methods like Google AdWords. Clicks from AdWords can equal up to 20% of local search patrons, providing businesses with a ready source of instant conversions.

In order to make sure you get the best deals on your paid clicks, we create a focused campaign only in your target city. This not only reduces costs, but makes it much more likely that those clicks will ultimately turn into sales. We don't charge you on a per click basis, instead, we focus on delivering quality in links, clicks, and conversions.

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Cost-Effective Pay Per Click

Instead of charging for every click like so many of our competitors, we will provide buyers with a great local search engine campaign based on a predetermined investment. They can rest assured that we are only interested in providing the highest quality results for them.

Calls-To-Action That Perform

To drive people into and through the sales funnel, each step needs to have its own compelling call to action. By understanding who the visitors are, we can match the right call-to-action to the perfect situation. That means more phone and email leads, and better conversion rates.

Efficient, Conversion-Oriented PPC

ignitedLOCAL employs top experts in the world of pay-per-click advertising. We have a huge stake in the client's success because we work with our own internal budget for their campaign. Our ads are timely, relevant, and will minimize costs by qualifying leads before they take action.

The Best Keywords for A Business

To make sure clients get the best search engine results possible, they need to be focused on the most important and highest converting keywords for their business. We know that every one of those clicks has a cost, so we ensure their keywords are fully aligned with their business goals.

Local Social Media Marketing Generates The Most Business

With local social media marketing, businesses can enter the conversation that their local prospects are having and help motivate them to patronize their company before they even look at any of their rivals. How is that done? Through savvy social media efforts using a distinctive voice unique to a client's business.

Our team makes a business more visible in social media apps while following proven techniques to deliver cost-effective clicks. Local social media works hand-in-hand with all of the other efforts, making it that much easier to outrank local business competitors in search.

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Get Your Business On Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Our team uses the most effective methods to set up a business's social media accounts so that users will be truly interested in what they have to say. They will have full control over their brand's new social media presence and we will train them on the most effective ways to use each one.

Authoritative Blog Posts To Build Readers' Trust

Content is one of the most important aspects of making sure a business is seen as a "giver" on social media. We have the industry insight and copywriting skills to develop and deliver powerful new blog posts each and every month and then energize them with social media.

Monthly Marketing Efforts on Social Media

Getting attention on social media means making sure a business owner is always part of the conversation. We help get them heard with monthly strategies that will make a difference. We drive social traffic to their blog posts, special offers, press releases and much more.

Complete Tracking of Social Media Presence

How can clients know their social media is truly effective unless they have data to back it up? We believe in hard data and make streamlined, straightforward reporting part of everything we do. Our management platform energizes efforts by creating a complete view of what social prospects are reacting to and what actions they are taking.

End-To-End ROI Tracking for Their Business

Why would clients spend money if they don't know where it's going? Too many local businesses commit to an advertising and marketing spend without really knowing what it's doing for them, if anything! Our platform helps buyers track their leads, from whatever source, to the sale and beyond.

With local tracking and recording of their phone calls, instant capture and response to their email leads, and much more, they have the data they need to continually improve their business. Our platform helps buyers know exactly what their customers are doing and where they are within the sales process.

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Track & Record All Calls

When a business works with us, they will have complete information about every call they get. Data is captured instantly and stored until they need it. Plus, our client can even record their calls for training purposes, helping them improve their ROI for every minute spent on the phone.

Improve Rankings

With our systems, clients know instantly where they rank on all of the major search engines. That includes complete tracking of all their most important keywords across Bing, Google, and even Yahoo. Our focus is on getting our clients quality traffic as close to the first page as possible.

Lead Tracking From Multiple Sources

Businesses often wonder where their leads are going and what they're doing. Our platform shines a light on the entire lead capture process, whether they are getting leads by email or phone. Business owners can instantly manage leads with follow-up calls, emails, or by taking notes.

Amazing Web Analytics

Businesses want to see where exactly their site is working for them. They will get the full "50,000 feet" view of their site with our web analytics. They can see which pages are popular, which links are driving the most traffic into and out of their site, and much more so they can optimize their conversions.

Small Business Owners Everywhere Need This Solution...Be The One To Offer It.

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