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Converting Is More Than Just Ranking!

Offer A Powerful Website Management And

Inbound Marketing Software To
Small Businesses Everywhere

Conversion Is Key When You Use Our Software Tools

Traffic isn't the only aspect of making sure that small businesses succeed. Without a great conversion rate, traffic would increase overhead without offering more profit!

Sell ignitedLOCAL, a business owner's best friend when it comes to online digital marketing. We Provide the solution and allow small business owners to implement outstanding software tools that will optimize their conversion rate and send their revenue soaring.

Our Inbound Marketing Platform Tools Make A Difference

What kinds of tools will small business owners have access to on the IgnitedLOCAL proprietary solution? Familiarize yourself with our current features and become an ignitedAGENT mogul.

Powerful Content Management System

Our content management system is designed with the needs of local businesses in mind. It's easy to keep a company's site updated with ignitedLOCAL's software. Ensure the user experience is fresh and compelling each and every time, no complex programming required.

True Web Analytics Tools

Data is one of the most important parts of making sure a company is moving in the right direction with their local efforts. Our tools capture pertinent web analytics and make them easy to understand. The business owner gets a complete view of how prospects are reaching their site and which actions they are taking once they do.

Track & Record Local Calls

Our system centralizes all of a business's telephone efforts by giving them the ability to track calls, call durations, and outcomes. Not only that, but we also give business owners the tools to record calls, allowing their sales professionals to receive training. Sell to small and medium sized businesses, ignitedLOCAL has telecommunication solutions for everyone.

Automated Scheduling For Social Media

Social media is a powerful way for business owners to make immediate contact with people who may be interested in their products and services. With our automation tools, owners can make their social media efforts more valuable than ever. We make it easy to set up social media campaigns that engage with users at the right time of day to maximize adoption.

Blogging Made Easier Than Ever

Businesses can connect with their prospects quicker than ever before using our simple, straightforward blogging platform. Not only will ignitedLOCAL blog on their behalf, but our platform makes it easy for them to add more blog posts whenever they want.

Email Marketing Simplified

Email marketing is a critical piece to cultivating a business owner's prospects. With our email marketing tools, they can stay in touch with potential buyers while motivating engagement with the website. We empower owners with an easy to use back end that includes features like marketing campaigns. Our tools will help businesses grow their email list while converting leads to sales.

Complete Contact And Lead Management

With ignitedLOCAL, businesses get an inbound marketing solution providing detailed notifications of every lead. Empower your clients to send mail, make notes, and schedule a follow-up calls that transforms leads into cash.

Full Reporting on Every One of Your Local Marketing Efforts

At ignitedLOCAL, we believe that every step a business takes should be easily measured for ROI. Our monitoring and reporting tools allow them to understand exactly which tools, efforts, and channels are providing the most value for their business. This reporting platform is centralized and straightforward. Business owners can access search engine ranks, leads, calls, website visitors and more all through our software.

Small Business Owners Everywhere Need This Solution...Be The One To Offer It.

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